Daddy Freeze Of Cool Fm Don Take Say Him No Dey Pay Tithe And Offering, Becos God Blessings Na Free

Dem go tell you for church say,if you nor pay tithe and offering for church, God fit no bless you.
Now radio pastor Daddy Freeze of Cool Fm,Lagos don talk say,no let any pastor disiv you about offering and tithe mata.
Akordin to Freeze he say,Baba God blessings no get anytin to do wit offering and tithe bicos Baba Godeh blessings na free he dey givam to pipo.
He say di biggest blessing wey God give us na Jesus Christ wey later die for cross and him no rememba anytime wey Jesus tell him pipo to pay bicos he die for cross.
He say make we also rememba di woman wit blood issue and ploblem and how di woman take spend all her money on top babalawos yet Jesus Christ still heal her sickness for free.
Daddy Freeze say,if tichas fit dey agree sometimes say dem teach us nonsense,why pastors no fit just gree say dem dey wrong?
Nor be me talk am o!
Na Daddy Freeze.