Chai Wonder Shall Never end, Man Love Cows Pass Him Own Family

One husband and papa of two pinkin for india don abandoned him family to go settle down whit cows wey him beleive say save him life.

Vijay Parsana, 44, na wentin oyinbo dey call obsessed, d man dey obsessed with him cows, so tay him dey baff dem, eat, watch television and dey even share bed with him cows. and d tin wey even come vex person pass be say him dey drink d cow dem piss (urine).

D yeye man talk say d cow piss good for him health and he even don survive and fast on d cow urine alone for 22 days.

Hmmm, dis one pass person, shey na india spirit come dey worry dis man, abi him don dey use style dey kolomental small small?

Dis man leave him family five years , come dey live with him cows about four miles away from his home for Ahmedabad, India, to spend time with his cows.

Earlier this year he spent £20,000 on a wedding for two of him cows, and make una come see where d tin taya person, him family attend d wedding and dem dey fully supportive of the man new life with cows.


Vijay also owns two bulls, six dogs and more than 2,000 other animals wey  including peacocks, rabbits, birds and snakes but he says thim three cows Radha, Poonam and Saraswati get special place in his heart.

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